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eContracts -
Interactive Digital Real Estate Contracts"
Real Time Contracts, just email the contracts once, make changes and the changes will reflect to your client instantly. Sign Contracts online, give the option to your clients to sign online just with the mouse.
No files to be sent (pdf, etc.)
No need to print or fax Contracts or Disclosures
Upload and keep all other documents related to a transaction
Order O&E and Title electronically
Managing Broker can view all agents Contracts at any time.
Contracts & Management tool with eCalendar and email deadline reminders.
Web Application: Access your Contracts, Client Database and Documents from anywhere at any time! -
Asset Preservation, Inc.
's web site
Asset Preservation, Inc. (API) is a national leader in the "Qualified Intermediary" industry, having successfully completed over 90,000 IRC DZ031 tax deferred exchanges. -
The Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors web site
Do you want to be financially free? Then dont reinvent the wheel; find out what other successful people do, emulate their strategies, and you will have similar results. If you look closely, you will find that most financially successful people are involved in real estate.
The Department of Regulatory Agencies -
The Department of Regulatory Agencies web site
Get forms, statutes, fees education information and many other Real Estate related information. For contracts click here
. -
The El Paso County Assessor's web site
The Assessor's Office discovers, lists and values all real and taxable personal property located in the county. The office is responsible for determining the value of all such property for assessment purposes. The Assessor must maintain a complete map of the county, reflecting ownership of every parcel.
El Paso County Clerk and Recorder -
The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's web site
From here you can get information on many recorded documents as far back as January 1st 1984. Search by Individual Name, Book and Page or Reception Number, or Instruments such as Warranty Deed, Power of Attorney, Notice of Election and Demand and many more. -
El Paso County's Public Trustee web site
Foreclosures are very common in today's market. Here you can get information on the Foreclosure process, Weekly sale lists Terms and Forms all related to a property going into foreclosure.
Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for the collection and distribution of property taxes in compliance with Colorado Statutes. -
The VA Loan Guaranty Home Page
This site contains information specifically geared towards the Veteran. Get all of the information on what it takes to get a VA loan, whether or not you or your client qualifies for a VA loan, VA Forms and much much more. -
The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department's web site
Get information on Permits, Plan checks, Contractors and Floodplain & Enumerations.
RELO® is the country's largest network of leading independent residential real estate firms. Just as the RELO® trademarked name is an industry standard, they also set the standard of quality service in the real estate industry, focusing on the special needs of individuals and families relocating from one area to another.
Find a professional in the Colorado Springs area for many of your personal and professional needs.
Important and Useful Phone numbers
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